TTAB seeks public comment on Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure section on Ex Parte appeal

The TTAB has posted Chapter 1200 of the TBMP, dealing with Ex Parte appeals, on “ideascale,” a collaboration function which allows users to post public comments that will be reviewed by TTAB staff.

According to the site:

Discuss TTAB Policy

This website allows you to share comments and suggestions regarding particular sections of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure (TBMP). The goal is to provide a forum for discussions of the legal standards, policies, and procedures presented in the TBMP, and for suggestions for future TBMP revisions.

Please note that this discussion board provides a forum for public suggestions and discussion relating to the TBMP. Although the USPTO moderates this discussion board, the USPTO generally will not respond to the comments. However, the comments will be reviewed and considered by TBMP editorial staff in connection with periodic updates of the TBMP.

For more details and to post any comments you have, see


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